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Training program

Training program

International ice hockey camp in the Czech Republic 2020

The summer hockey camp program is ideal for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 15. Participants of the summer hockey camp will be divided into three groups depending on their age and level of hockey training. Each of the coaches always works out with no more than 5 children at the same time. Counselors-supervisors provide round-the-clock supervision of children and are always ready to help. This approach ensures optimal focus on each player. Our goal is to provide individual attention to each participant throughout the week of training.

For players
For goalkeepers
On-ice training 

Our hockey camp program involves intensive training on ice twice a day:

  • Development of skating skills (power skating, face and back-forward skating, rapid change of directions, balance and coordination, setting the correct skating, developing the starting speed etc.);
  • Improving the stickhandling skills (working on a short section of the field with the puck, increasing the speed of conducting and combining it with other techniques: shots, passes, setting and developing the shooting skills);
  • Training in positional play in the attack zone and the defense zone (classes are held in groups on the stations, separately with coaches for defenders and for forwards);
  • Tactical training;
  • Exercises on the development of game thinking and speed of decision making;
  • Game practice, exhibition game, competitions.
Off-ice trainings
  • Special training stations for muscle support and development;
  • Stamina trainings
  • Competitions
  • Game sports (basketball, football, floorball, handball);
  • Karate classes;
  • Classes on agility, stretching and flexibility;
  • Gymnastic training;
  • Athletic training;
  • Acrobatics.
On-ice trainings

During the hockey camp  for goalkeepers will be provided a specialized comprehensive training program on the ice. As part of on-ice training, goalkeepers will practice separately in their groups with specialized goalkeeping coaches. Ice training takes place at the stations with a complete recreation of real game situations. Various aspects of the game are being worked out (skating skills; training methods of movement: short, side steps, lunges with sliding, back-to-front skating, braking; training the goalkeeper to move and correctly take a position in the goal, as well as the ability to be ready at any time to take the puck; playing in various goalie styles; playing by glove and blocker; the ability to correctly hit the puck – in the corner; the ability to fall, sit on the ice, keep your balance, get up quickly; play correctly with a stick, etc.)

Off-ice trainings

In addition to classes on the ice, goalkeepers will also take special off-ice classes. Gymnastic exercises will help to develop greater flexibility, agility, and coordination of movements. For versatile physical training, the goalkeeper, like other field players, needs to play basketball, volleyball, and football in the summer. All of these classes will be present as part of the summer hockey camp program.


Theoretical lesson
  • Video analysis of training sessions;
  • Conducting theoretical classes with individual analysis of each participant
Recovery and rest

After intensive training, the body needs nutrition and proper rest. We make sure that young hockey players receive a diet, sports menu and a sufficient amount of free time to recover their bodies after training.

Children will use the pool, sauna, and participate in educational and entertainment games. As part of the summer hockey camps also have a tour of the Konopiste castle and its surroundings.


International ice hockey camp in the Czech Republic 2020

The coaches of the hockey camp in the Czech Republic are first-class specialists who have dedicated their lives to teaching in the field of hockey. Thanks to the personal experience of the coaching staff, accumulated over the years of playing career and coaching, we can guarantee to develop the hockey skills of the camp participants. All coaches of the summer hockey camp are former students of Czech hockey clubs. A different approach to training will help to bring diversity to the pre-season training of young hockey players.

Our goal is to raise the level of hockey skill and thinking of a hockey player to a higher level. Teach and accustom to hard work, discipline, self-improvement and constant work on yourself.

Daniel Volrab

Daniel played in the Czech Extraliga (HC Sparta, HC Litvinov), as well as in Canada (Saskatoon Blades), in the WHL Junior League. In 2001, he was drafted by the NHL’s Dallas Stars. The owner of the “B” coaching license is currently receiving the highest coaching license.

Ondrej Michalek

Currently, he works as a head coach for youth development at the HC Dechin club. Has the highest “A” coaching license. In 2016, he took 3rd place out of 1503 in the all-Czech competition ” Thank you, coach!”, which annually selects the best coaches in all sports throughout the Czech Republic.

Jaroslav Hasek

Former player of teams such as HC Energie Karlovy vary, HC Pardubice, HC Chomutov Pirates. As a youth, he played for several years in Sweden. Currently works as a youth development coach.

Tomas Anders

Tomas is currently an active player. He started his career with Slovan, and later moved to Slavia Prague, where he spent several years. Later played in Finland. He played 24 matches for the Czech youth and youth national teams.

Martin Posusta

Martin has been working with the goalkeepers of the Czech national U16 team for the second year, and is also the head goalkeeping coach of the Decin hockey club. He started his career at the famous club HC vevra Litvniov. after finishing his career, he started coaching.

Trainers of the physical preparation
The gymnastics coaches
Team leader


International ice hockey camp in the Czech Republic 2020
Breakfast7:30 - 8:00
Off-ice training8:30 - 9:30
On-ice training10:00 - 11:15
Lunch12:00 - 12:30
Rest12:45 - 14:15
On-ice training15:30 - 16:45
Off-ice training17:00 - 18:00
Dinner18:30 - 19:00
Entertainment program19:30 - 21:00

* This schedule is an example. An individual schedule will be created for each group of the hockey camp, which may differ from the specified one.

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