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Czech Republic

International hockey camp in the Czech Republic 2020

The royal city of Litoměřice on the confluence of the Elbe and Ohře is one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. The extensive historical centre of the city has dozens of streets and squares. The colourful Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance buildings right in the centre of the city, bordered to a great extent by well-preserved Gothic fortifications, will enchant you. The greatest Czech romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha also succumbed to the charm of Litoměřice. The renowned wine from nearby Velké Žernoseky will certainly make your walk through the city all the more pleasant.


Prague can be described endlessly. It is one of the largest cities in Central Europe and the centuries-old capital of Bohemia. These are bridges, cathedrals, gilded towers and Church domes that have been reflected in the waters of the Vltava river for more than 10 centuries. It is almost intact during the Second world war, a medieval center with paved streets and courtyards, countless spires and shops. And on a par with this, Prague is a modern and lively city full of young energy, music, culture in all its manifestations and fine dining restaurants. Many tourists recognize Prague as the most beautiful city in Europe.

Konopiste Castle

The main attraction of Konopiste is the castle itself and the collections of its last owner, Franz Ferdinand. The collection of sculptures of George the victorious, collected in the Park, deserves attention. More — inside the castle walls, where you can get with a tour.

After visiting the castle, you can take a walk in the Park, see the sculptures, relax by the lake and in the rose garden, look at the motorcycle Museum, where models from the old to the latest are presented, or try your hand at the local shooting range. And don’t forget to take photos with peacocks walking along the paths, squirrels begging for Goodies from tourists, as well as against the background of a Himalayan bear and mouflons living in the moat in front of the castle.

Cesky Krumlov

In the South of the Czech Republic, where the Vltava river makes a loop, the city of Cesky Krumlov lies on both sides of it. Famous primarily for its stunningly beautiful castle complex (no wonder it is included in the UNESCO world heritage list), it attracts outdoor enthusiasts, festival fans, and romantic couples. To visit Cesky Krumlov means to visit a real fairy tale. At every step: in the castle, in the Park, over the river, in the narrow streets and in the salt caves — here legends and legends come to life. And it seems that it is really possible to meet a gnome carrying a gold bar home at night — it is Cesky Krumlov!

Ceske Budejovice

As you know, the most important drink in the Czech Republic is beer. Experts click their tongues, remembering the taste tones of a particular variety and plan a trip with a mandatory visit to particularly outstanding “beer” cities. This includes Ceske Budejovice, one of the two Breweries that produces the world-famous Budweiser. However, the city is famous not only for this, here and without beer there is a place to go and what to see.

The main attraction is, of course, the historical center of the city. There, on the square and the largest in the Czech Republic, according to local residents, Przemysl Otakar square, there is the town Hall (the sculptures on it symbolize the qualities inherent in a good citizen), the Black tower (height — 72 meters!), the Cathedral of St. Mikulas and, which became the same symbol of the city as the “Budweiser”, a fountain with a statue of Samson.

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International hockey camp in the Czech Republic 2020

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