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About hockey camp


International hockey camp in the Czech Republic 2020

Why should you come to our summer hockey camp in the Czech Republic? For sure, this is the question of many parents who are not yet familiar with our training camp. Our philosophy is the most friendly approach to the learning process and hockey players. During trainings, as well as in our free time, we try to find an approach to each player.  Coaches and assistants of the summer hockey camp become friends with the participants of the hockey school.


We use modern knowledge from the field of hockey training together with classic Czech training methods. Classes are conducted by experienced trainers with a license and appropriate pedagogical education. Participants of the camp are invited to participate in exhibition games, entertainment, rehabilitation procedures, excursions, and much more. In addition to intensive training, we focus on the development of children’s personal qualities: character, discipline, communication, understanding of hockey details and creative thinking.


Modern training methods

International ice hockey camp in the Czech Republic 2020

The idea of a youth hockey camp “BOOKCAMP” in the Czech Republic is to give players a multi-faceted and versatile hockey training, to raise ideas about systematic training players to improve individual skills. The team of coaches of the summer hockey camp that we have formed – current coaches and players from existing Czech hockey clubs. The quality of the program, combined with an individual approach and taking into account the personal characteristics of each hockey player, contributes to their dynamic growth. The coach is constantly developing, correcting and improving the training process, taking into account the constantly changing hockey environment.

It is also worth mentioning that the number of places available for registration in the summer hockey camp is strictly limited. Don’t miss your opportunity to register today!

Czech hockey

International ice hockey camp in the Czech Republic 2020

In the Czech Republic, all boys dream of becoming famous hockey players, almost every city has ice fields and sports schools. Hockey is the # 1 sport here. Under the IIHF statistics (the International Ice Hockey Federation) in the Czech Republic was 121 613 professional players that 1.4% of the total population of the country, and is second place in the world (more players in percentage only in Canada – 1.64%). From Russia, for example, 112,236 professional hockey players, what is just 0.07% of the total population. At the moment, 34 hockey players from the Czech Republic play in the NHL, what is the fourth place from European countries and this is with population 10 millions inhabitants.


The above statistics confirm that hockey is loved and actively practiced in the Czech Republic. Accordingly, there is an excellent coaching base for training hockey personnel.

Source of statistic – IIHF.

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