Rules and Regulations


A. Age categories and dates:

Summer 2019

a. U14 – 2006/2007: 16.08 – 18.08.2019 (Prague, Czech Republic)

b. U12 – 2008/2009: 23.08 – 25.08.2019 (Prague, Czech Republic)

Spring 2020

a. U10 – 2010 and younger: 20.03 – 22.03.2020 (Benesov, Czech Republic)

b. U11 – 2009 and younger: 27.03 – 29.03.2020 (Benesov, Czech Republic)

c. U12 – 2008 and younger: 3.04 – 5.04.2020 (Benesov, Czech Republic)

d. U13 – 2007 and younger: 10.04 – 12.04.2020 (Benesov, Czech Republic)

e. U14 – 2006 and younger: 17.04 – 19.04.2020 (Prague, Czech Republic)

f.  U16 – 2004 and younger: 24.04 – 26.04.2020 (Prague, Czech Republic)


B. Venue: Czech Republic, Benesov (40 km from Prague) and Prague

Ice rink address: Hráského 1913, 256 01 Benesov and Přetlucká 3422/23, 100 00 Prague


C. The schedule of games will be provided to all teams about 21 days before the tournament.


D. All teams should arrive the day before the start of the tournament to ensure smooth progress of the tournament, without delay.


E. The team leader should provide roster (name, surname, number of jersey, date of birth, position) and a photo of the team at least 10 days before tournament on e-mail:


F. Upon arrival, the team leader should provide a photocopy of each player’s passport or ID card.


G. If the team wants to stay an extra night after the tournament, it is necessary to inform not later than 2 month before the tournament.



A. All tournament games of BOOKAMP CUP will be held in accordance with rules of IIHF and CIHA (Czech Ice Hockey Association), with additions/exceptions established by the Organizing Committee of the tournament.


B. The maximum number of players in one team is 22 + 2.


C. The minimum number of players in one team is 12 + 1.


D. Each team should be ready to play 5 minutes prior to their scheduled start times without any advanced warning.


E. The team that was late for the game, gets a technical loss 5:0.

a. The decision about technical loss is made by the Organizing Committee of the tournament.


F. Teams are given 3-5 minutes to warm up on the ice. Warm-up with pucks are only available for the first game at the beginning of each game day. Warm-up on the ice before the remaining games takes place without pucks. If a team is not ready at the start of warm ups they will forfeit their privileges to warm up.


G. After the half of the game team must change the nets.


H. Should an “act of god” happen (power failure, major injury …), after 30 minutes the game will be called and the score remain as is no matter how long the game was running at the time of the “act of god”.


I. The home team plays in dark jerseys and takes the left bench. The guest team plays in light jerseys and takes the right bench. Each team must have 2 types of jerseys with different colors (light and dark).


J. Coaches cannot change players between two teams during the tournament under any circumstances, the team that violated the rule will be given a technical loss.

a. The exception can be extended only to the goalkeeper, if the goalkeeper of one of the teams was injured or because of health cannot continue to participate in the games (only after confirmation of the doctor of the tournament);

b. The final decision is made by the Organizing Committee of the tournament.


K. In case of injuries, first aid will be provided by the tournament doctor immediately on the bench or in the doctor’s office. Each team is responsible for having an insurance policy for traumatic sports.


L. Rules Interpretation

a. For teams is allowed to have girls in lineup 1 year older in the respective age category of the tournament, without limitation of their number;

b. Tournaments are governed by a two referee system;

c. Minor Penalty – 1 min;

d. Major Penalty – 3 min;

e. Misconduct – 7 min;

f. A player who get a Game Misconduct penalty automatically does not play the next match.

g. In the case of a repeated one-player Game Misconduct penalty, the player is automatically disqualified by the end of the tournament;

h. “Delay of game/shooting or throwing the puck out of play” is modified as follows: No penalty will be assessed if a player shoots the puck directly over the boards in place with no protective glass. It is not decisive whether the puck crosses the protective glass behind the benches or not.

i. “Puck off end netting” is modified as follows:

– If the puck is shot from inside the attacking zone and hits the end netting as a result of a deflection by the defending team, game action will not be stopped.

– If the puck is shot from outside the attacking zone and hits the end netting as a result of a deflection by the defending team, game action will not be stopped.

j. “Puck off the goal net” is modified as follows:

– If a puck is shot by an attacking skater and hits any part of the goal frame or goal net andthen hits the end netting without the puck touching opponent, game action will not be stopped.

– If the puck is deflected before or after hitting the goal frame or goal net by a player of the defending team, game action will not be stopped.

k. In games of age categories U10, U11, U12, U13, U14 is not valid Rule “Hybrid icing” and Icing is classified on basis of Hockey Official Rule Book 2010 – 2014. In these age categories is not applicable Rule 93 “Player change on icing calls”, i.e. player change is allowed after icing.


M. Players and goalkeepers must wear a neck and throat protector. A player not wearing a neck protector will be assessed a minor penalty for illegal equipment unless the neck protector came off by accident during play.

a. According to IIHF Rule 35: All players who are 18 years and younger, regardless what event or tournament they are participating in, must wear a neck and throat protector.


N. Checking for age category U10, U11, U12 is not allowed. (Video is below)

O. Any player leaving the bench to engage in a fight on the ice is automatically disqualified from the tournament as per the discretion of the Organizing Committee and Head Referee.


P. Coach should control his players at all times.

Q. A player or team official who commits a violation of the rules pertaining to sportsmanship, fair play, and respect will be penalized under the Rule 168 – UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT.


R. An attempt by a player or team official to usurp the power of an on-ice official, demean or degrade an on-ice official, call into question the integrity or ability of an on-ice official, or physically confront an on-ice official will be will be penalized under the Rule 168 – ABUSE OF OFFICIALS.


S. No parents should be in the players area or bench, unless it is a medical emergency and help is needed.


T. No Protests will be accepted.



A. All teams plays with each other in group.


B. The first 4 teams with the most points play for gold medals and bronze medals.

a. Game for the bronze medal (3rd place with 4th place).

b. Game for the gold medal (1st place with 2nd place).

C. The games are held in the format of 2 periods of 15 minutes of “net/stop time”.

a. Between periods break 2 minutes

b. 3-5 minutes to warm up

c. Each team is entitled to a 30-second time-out during the game.


D. Mercy rule

a. If during the game the goal difference is five (5) or more, the game continues for a running time. If the goal difference becomes less than five (5), the game again goes to the net/stop time.


E. Distribution of points in the group stage:

a. Two (2) points for a WIN

b. One (1) point for a DRAW

c. Zero (0) points for a LOSS


F. In group games, the team’s place is determined by the number of points. In case of the same number of points:

1. If two teams end up with equal results:

a. The team with the most number points;

b. Mutual result;

c. Goal difference (scored-missed) during tournament;

d. The team with the most goals scored during tournament;

e. The team with the least number of penalty minutes has a preference;

f. The team with the least number of Misconduct penalty minutes has a preference;

g. The team scored first in mutual game;

2. If three or more teams end up with draw results, a new sub-group is made by considering the results of the games the teams had between one another. The process continues until a place in the sub-group is determined for the teams by considering the following sub – articles. (in case two teams remain with draw results, the first article of these rules is taken in to consideration.):

a. The teams are rounded up according by their accumulated points;

b. If three or more teams have the same amount of points, the goal ratio is taken in consideration only between teams whose places have not yet been determined;

c. If the goal ratio between three or more teams is a draw, the amount of goals is taken in consideration only between the teams whose places have not yet been determined;

d. If the amount of goals is the same between three or more teams, the goal ratio is taken in consideration between all the played against teams in the particular tournament;

e. If the total goal ratio for three or more teams is equal with all the other teams of the group, the total amount of accumulated goals is taken in consideration among all the played against teams of the group.

f. If the total amount of goals is equal for three or more teams, the Organizing Committee of the tournament draw lots in front of the representatives of both teams in order to determine the places in the sub-group.


G. In the case of a draw after regulation time of the game for gold and bronze medals will be played overtime according to the following rules:

a. One 5 minute overtime before the goal.

b. The teams will play three (3) three (3) plus the goalkeeper.


H. In the case of the draw after overtime in the game for bronze and gold medals will be made shootouts (best of 3 format).

a. 3 players will be chosen by each team’s Coach at the end of overtime.

b. Should the tie persist, we will continue 1 player at a time until the tie is broken. After first 3 shots the team can use any player as many times as they choose.


I. National anthems of the teams will be played before the matches for gold and bronze medals.



A. Each team is responsible for any material loss made by its own players/representatives/supporters. In case of material loss, the team is obliged to fully cover the loss. The use of hockey sticks outside of the ice ring/the space of the arena is banned.


B. All statistics, updates and video broadcast will be available:

a. On page:

b. On FB community:


C. For any questions about insurance costs or reciprocal agreements with Czech Republic you can contact hospital:

– Thomayerova nemocnice, pavilon B5 – dětská chirurgie a traumatologie

– Address: Thomayerova 809, 140 00 Praha 4

– Web: //

– Phones: +420 603 899 009 (Secretariat), +420 603 899 024 (Ambulance)

a. EU nationals can get free emergency medical treatment, though payment must still be made for the actual medication.

b. The Organizing Committee will provide first aid medical service during the tournament time restricted to terms of injuries during BOOKCAMP CUP.


D. If in your team there is some player with allergic (e.c. gluten, dairy), please contact us and we arrange special non-allergic meal.


E. Teams should be guided by these regulations and the organizer’s instructions during the tournament.


F. Teams can exchange gifts before the match begins.


H. Smoking at the ice rink and at the entrance to the ice rink is strictly prohibited. For these purposes, designated Smoking areas are equipped with a special sign.


The Tournament committee reserves the right to correct and modify these regulations if the need arises or the effort is made to ensure a smooth running.




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+420 775 687 703 (VIBER, WHATSAPP)